OBIK P11 / NK 3 (07/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strømsdammen
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 4.75 km
Time: 42:59
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 173
My third race in three days, all of them west of Oslo city in rocks, cliffs and partly dense planted spruce, but also some nicer patches of heather and pine.

Today I made two serious mistakes and one small glitch in very warm weather (28C in the shade, far more in the westfacing hillside):

Very good to #1 & #2. Even though I haven't seen any results so far I'm guessing I was leading at that control.

To #3 I ran as planned but at the same time I crossed the indistinct creek/ditch I also spotted the slalom hill, and that caused me to forget about the ditch, so when I ran up to #3 and didn't see the flag (it was hidden behind a windfall from where I approached it) I ran up one more level. I had a bad feeling that I had passed the control but kept on until I spotted the road then backtracked. The control was easier to find from above but I lost about 1.5 minutes.

Good orienteering and nice flow to #4, 5, 6 & 7. To #6 I followed the path for a few meters until I spotted the anthill (brown cross) and then the dual boulders, to #7 I used a compass bearing from the track.

Down to #8 I did almost exactly as planned, except that after I crossed the valley and climbed up on the next little ridge I could not see the path junction to my right, so instead I ran left to the next junction and took a bearing from there. When I hit the path I had originally planned to take I followed it for 20-30 meters until I saw the boulder which I wanted to use as my attack point to find the control in the green forest.

Towards #9 I tried to press on in the heat but as my track shows I made a serious mistake around the final hillside where it seemed to me that I was on the edge of the yellow open area, so I turned slightly downhill and came just too low to spot the control area cliffs, and then I searched further downhill. This resulted in about 20 m of extra climb and another 1.5 minutes lost.

The climb uphill to #10 in the baking sun (directly behind my back at this point) was horrible, I was so tired that I had severe balance problems even though I was just walking.

I ran the correct route to #11, to #12 I intentionally climbed up on the ridge a little bit early to make absolutely certain I would not pass under the control. Going past the dot knoll before climbing could have been 5+ seconds faster.
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OBIK P11 / NK 3 (07/06/2018) OBIK P11 / NK 3 (07/06/2018)