Geoform Rankingløp 7 (06/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tangenåsen
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 40:41
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 161
Mostly OK but one almost impossible mistake!

Pure running, uphill to #1.

Easy direction/contour running down to #2, hit the cliff almost perfectly and had to backtrack a few meters since it was way too high to jump down to the flag.

Very nice route and execution to #3.

The plan was to stay on the line to #4 and hit the paths but the cliff line led me further south so I just continued and hit the path junction instead. The control boulder was about 10 m further west from the edge than I expected and the vegetation up from the path was quite dense.

To #5 I lost the direction in the initial green which was hard to get through but then I thought I was a bit further south and believed I was going to hit the line of boulders but I just kept running on an approximate compass direction.

The mystery happened as I crossed a dry ditch (i.e. the indistinct stream) because I did not see the big ski track at all! When I hit that same ski track again around 75 m later I didn't understand anything because I was on the wrong side of it! There seemed to be no possible path or track that I could hit from that side so I considered if it could be unmapped but decided that I had to follow it and try to recover. When I hit the big track junction (with signposts!) I realized that this was the only possible place I could be and ran the main track towards the control. My time loss must have been somewhere between 2 and 2.5 minutes. :-(

I started concentrating again and ran perfectly to #6 (somewhat helped by the sun which was directly behind me) and the same to #7 where I checked the huge boulder after 2/3 of the leg.

The rest of the course was trivial, except for making sure that I didn't fall and hurt myself badly. The run-in was by far the worst I have ever experienced, only saved by the extremely dry conditions. In rain the rocky path would have been very slippery!
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Geoform Rankingløp 7 (06/06/2018) Geoform Rankingløp 7 (06/06/2018)