Jukola training - Blodslitet 2016 H Open rerun (02/06/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Distance: 9.9 km
Time: 87:42
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 155
I was sick when Blodslitet 2016 took place so I never took part in this race, but now I used the H Åpen course as training for Jukola, starting 15 minutes after sunset to get similar conditions to what I'm expecting for the 4th leg in two weeks time.

My GPS track show clearly that I made a parallel mistake to #1, I believed I was punching when I passed the reentrant below the western one of the double cliffs, but past this point my orienteering was pretty good even if I did spend some extra time on many of the controls in order to make sure I was in the right spot, including #4 where I spent maybe half a minute, then I made similar errors on #9 and on #12 where I ran past it and then backtracked.

Crossing the hill to #16 the indistinct path was in fact so indistinct that I never really found it, but I adjusted my course and hit the control cliff nicely.

The total was nearly 10 km and 1.5 hours, all of it with my lamp lit so good training!
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Jukola training - Blodslitet 2016 H Open rerun (02/06/2018) Jukola training - Blodslitet 2016 H Open rerun (02/06/2018)