OBIK P9 / NK 2 (31/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.65 km
Time: 37:22
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 162
Mostly OK race:

Correct route to #1, then I had a long internal discussion about the route to #2. I wanted to go straight up through the old planted spruce but the forest was dense enough that I bailed to the path which was OK until I left it at the top where the supposedly open area was totally overgrown.

I did almost everything correct up to #3 until I started to try to read the contours instead of just keeping to a compass bearing, fortunately I stopped when I realized that I had to be too high and turned right. I'm guessing I lost about 45 sec here.

Good routes and execution to 4, 5, 6 & 7.

I should probably have gone north around the marsh to #8 but the time loss must have been minimal.

OK to the last controls, today my time was fast enough to win the course.
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OBIK P9 / NK 2 (31/05/2018) OBIK P9 / NK 2 (31/05/2018)