Norwegian Military Championship (24/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sessvollmoen
Distance: 7.86 km
Time: 71:13
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 166
This was the standard 3-part competition, starting with running/shooting, then a map-reading run of about 2 km and finally a 4 km easy orienteering course, all of them with the clock running.

I had borrowed an AR15 for the shooting part since this rifle is effectively identical to the M416 model used by the armed forces in Norway. The test firing went well and so did the first two 5-shot rounds, but after the first bullet from the third magazine, the rifle suddenly locked up: The trigger could not be moved at all!

After trying a lot of different alternatives, I finally got to borrow a M416 where I had to manually reload and shoot the remaining 9 cartridges. The final result of all this was that I had missed 5 of the 20 total shots (with a 5x1.5=7.5 minute total penalty) on top of the 10-12 minutes I had wasted with the rifle trouble.

The two remaining parts of the competition went very well, I had a perfect score from the map reading, no misses on the relatively easy O course and the fastest time of all for combination.

My final result was a 3rd place over all and a win in my age category.

(I figured out the rifle problem after the race, it was one of the retaining bolts holding the trigger mechanism that had slid off center and then moved about 0.25mm sideways, enough to stop it from working.)
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Norwegian Military Championship (24/05/2018) Norwegian Military Championship (24/05/2018)