Geoform Rankingløp nr 5 (23/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grønmo
Distance: 4.78 km
Time: 43:55
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 166
Started almost first, had a single goal and that was to concentrate on my orienteering since yesterday's race was so bad. I mostly succeeded in this, just a few points where I hesitated or chose sub-optimal micro-routes.

I avoided the first hill and that was a good choice because it turned out that the two big cliff-ringed knolls are really a cluster of townhouse-sized boulders known locally as the "Stone Church". I ran through and underneath the boulders and came out on the other side via a 2m ladder! Near the end I could not see the indistinct path after passing the boulder so I went around that knoll but again failed to see the path where it crossed a naked slab. Found the control OK via the contours.

Close to optimal route to #2, except that there was a flag hanging about 20m north of the control, effectively in the middle of the forest instead of on an actual detail.

On #3 there was another spurious flag on the boulder to the NE, while the control boulder was hidden behind some vegetation.

OK to #4.

Mostly OK to #5 except that the control ring hid the reentrant just west of the control so I stopped here for quite a while before I went on and found it. Probably 30-40 sec time loss. :-(

Good route to #6.

On top of the hill towards #7 I found a new somewhat indistinct path, probably created by MTB'ers, I followed this along the ridge all the way to the marsh ESE of the control.

Relatively easy to #8 and then I found another new path as I left the control, this brought me into the regular path system which I followed to the last control and then I cut down to the finish.
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Geoform Rankingløp nr 5 (23/05/2018) Geoform Rankingløp nr 5 (23/05/2018)