Pinseløp dag 2 (20/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kongsberg
Distance: 5.29 km
Time: 34:14
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 172
Possibly my fastest forest race this year, my speed was obviously helped quite a bit by the fact that we started on top of the giant slalom hill and finished at the bottom, so a lot of descent!

Very fast start as usual, today I gained enough of a lead to #1 that I stayed in front of Nils all the way to the 7th control even though he won most of those splits.

Safe route to #2, going down along the marshes but I lost a couple of seconds when I had to jump down the passable cliff to get to the flag.

My plan was to take the path to #3 but I ran where the going was easiest and realized that straight was probably pretty good as well. Nils took the path and was 15 sec faster, but this was partly due to me checking if there was a cliff underneath the contour 25-30 m further NW. He usually beats me by more than this on both uphill and downhill running.

Good flow to #4, except for 5-10 sec wobble at the very end where I worried for a moment that I had passed the last marsh too far north.

Perfect to #5, my second split win.

Very good to #6 as well, used my compass from the ride but was happy when I hit it straight on.

#7 was a shorter repeat of #5 from yesterday, today I did it correctly.

#8 was my only real mistake: On my race map there is a boulder marked by the path just about where I left it, I had taken a compass bearing from that point on the map while running on the path but when I didn't spot the boulder I got insecure and tried to use the contours instead and passed above the boulder. Lost 25 sec (and the lead) to Nils here.

According to the map my route to #9 looks perfect but the path was a horrible scar (two deep ditches with vegetation between them) from a logging machine so I suspect that it was faster to run straight, via the open marsh. Downhill to the last controls was scary, I was afraid to hurt myself and lost time to Nils on both of them.

In the end I was just 21 sec behind, running at 7:17 min/km, so I'm quite satisfied with my race today.
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Pinseløp dag 2 (20/05/2018) Pinseløp dag 2 (20/05/2018)