Geoform Bogstad (16/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.73 km
Time: 38:47
I ran this event as a test about two hours before the regular starters, close to perfect until I messed up on the 9th control:

#1 & #2 were easy setups for the "special price" 3rd leg which included a pretty bad slog up the rocky slope.

Side slope orienteering to #4, hit that one nicely.

Took the most direct route to #5, across an area where I made a bad mistake last year, so I was very pleased when it turned up exactly where I expected it to be.

Downhill to #6 I ran a compass direction, then I picked up the flag quite far down the hill. This control was almost certainly somewhat misplaced.

Another good route and execution down to #7, then mostly pure running to #8.

Leaving #8 I got stuck in the green and when I hit the path I believed I was east of the junction and started running in the wrong direction. I lost at least 1.5 minutes here.

Since Styggedalen itself was marked out of bounds I forced my way through the rocks and vegetation to get back onto the path system, and from that point it was mostly easy orienteering to the finish. My time of 38:47 corresponds to a sixth place on the course.
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Geoform Bogstad (16/05/2018) Geoform Bogstad (16/05/2018)