AB 1 / OBIK P5 (15/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eineåsen / Gommerud
Distance: 4.78 km
Time: 41:02
I tried to make a controlled run here since I was going to start in the Oslo area Sprint championship a little bit later in the evening!

Messed up the paths towards #1 and ended up on the ski track, had the best split on my course anyway.

I could have gone nearly straight to #2 but decided to go back to the ski track in order to avoid the possibly wet marsh and some green vegetation.

OK to #3 & #4.

I have been fooled before down in this area, this time I was tricked twice by how the cliffs are mapped vs how they look on the ground, plus the open yellow knolls around the control have been completely covered by huge windfalls, making the area almost impenetrable. Lost close to 3 min here.

OK to #6 & #7.

The "shortcut" down to #8 was almost certainly a bad idea, the "white forest" was green and rocky so I lost half a minute to Bjørn Solhjem in the H55 class.

The path drawing along the hillside was really bad, it did not show most of the obvious bends and I ended up running past the control and taking it from the back side.

Around #10 the map was also somewhat questionable, while we had seen #11 when hiking up to the start.

I still won H60 by almost 6 minutes but I was 2:22 behind Bjørn Solbergseter who won the course and H55.

I finished this race about 70 min before the first competitors started in the Sprint championship, but I was lucky and had gotten a fairly late start so I had more than enough time to make it down to Sandvika and get ready again.
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AB 1 / OBIK P5 (15/05/2018) AB 1 / OBIK P5 (15/05/2018)