Hike to Kjentmannspost 47 (14/05/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bysetermåsan-Kjerringhøgda-Vangen-KP47
Distance: 10.05 km
Time: 185:27
Fabulous summer weather for the 14 people who turned up for this group hike!

We started by climbing up to the watch tower on top of Kjerringhøgda where we also ate and drank most of the provisions we had carried, then we followed very nice hiking paths north to wards Vangen (discovering that the paths shown on Norwegian touring maps here are somewhat misleading), then we turned west and then south to the control point at Karen Cudrio's riding path from around 1650. The final stretch back to our cars went faster since we knew that one of the ladies had to make it back to Oslo S for the night train to Trondheim leaving 23:06!
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Hike to Kjentmannspost 47 (14/05/2018) Hike to Kjentmannspost 47 (14/05/2018)