FSK Klubbmesterskap H55 (10/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulvedalen
Distance: 5.01 km
Time: 35:26
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 175
Near-perfect orienteering during the peak of the allergy season:

Perfect to #1 & #2, but the terrain around the second control as well as the entire hillside (parts of it shown as purple hash on our maps) was destroyed by spruce plantation thinning. Every tree cut down had been allowed to lie wherever it fell, combining to generate a near-impenetrable obstacle course.

As I was cutting away from the path towards #3 I realized that I ran in almost exactly the same location during Blodslitet last year, I found the control exactly where I wanted it to be.

To #4 I used my experience from the Blodslitet butterfly forking loops, I believe I found a near-optimal route here.

Up to #5 I could follow a very nice deer/moose trail, that is the reason I climbed a little bit more than I needed, but it also provided a better attack point.

I ran a coarse direction to #6, intentionally aiming left so that I could follow the ridge down to the control.

A very long (nearly 1.5 km!) leg to #7 pushed me to my absolute running limit. I ran it exactly as intended except at the very end where I had planned to follow the path around the green, but when I got there it was obviously quite runnable so I cut across and passed the ditch junction so I had a very solid attack point.

I had a small stomach issue to the last control, the 30 s I lost here was the only real time loss of the entire race.
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FSK Klubbmesterskap H55 (10/05/2018) FSK Klubbmesterskap H55 (10/05/2018)