Kjentmannspost 50 (03/05/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Smerta
Distance: 9.68 km
Time: 181:59
12 people this time for the hike to KP50.

We had absolutely amazing weather for this hike: After really heavy rains during the afternoon, culminating as we approached the golf course parking where our trip would start, the rain stopped and blue skies returned for the rest of the evening, we just had to jump over or walk around many, many wet puddles on the trails.

We got to the point after a little over an hour, had a nice break on some bare rock and then we continued counter-clockwise through this really nice forest and got back to our cars just as the sun was setting.
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Kjentmannspost 50 (03/05/2018) Kjentmannspost 50 (03/05/2018)