Kvistkvaset H170 3 etp. (01/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ås
Distance: 4.85 km
Time: 29:57
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 180
(My route here is drawn on top of a map from Knut Helland who ran a different forking, I had a different first control and skipped his #6.)

Ran with Einar Jensen and Sören Jonsson on Nydalens SK's H170 veteran team, our total age adds up to 184 years so we were significantly over the limit.

Einar and Sören both ran well, allowing me to start in first place a couple of seconds ahead of Bengt Niklasson from Kolboth & Skimt. Bengt was obviously faster than me, overtaking by the triangle but when I cut up right he kept going. He had the same first control so I suspect he ran along the railroad and past #3. I started badly by not seeing the path in the light green and ended up too far north, then I had to recover, costing me 30-45 sec.

Up near the control I stumbled, and after recovering I discovered that my compass was broken, the retaining ring around the housing was missing. I ran back and tried to find it but had to give up and keep running while just holding on to the compass parts. This added another 45-50 sec time loss according to the gps.

I ran very well to #2, then I took the safe route to #3 where it might have been a few seconds faster to run mostly straight along the rides.

Another really safe route to #4: A significant detour but it is very hard to judge how fast it is possible to run straight through green stony ground when going uphill.

Transport to #5, then my course went straight to #7 which I hit very nicely with no hesitation. Going via #6 was probably about 10 sec slower.

The rest of the course was pure running.

I ended up about 3.5 minutes behind Bengt but well ahead of the third team to finish, so even with perfect races for all three of us the result would probably have been the same.
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Kvistkvaset H170 3 etp. (01/05/2018) Kvistkvaset H170 3 etp. (01/05/2018)