Solrenningen - Norwegian Spring (15/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Svinesund
Distance: 4.56 km
Time: 37:32
It is obvious that I have forgotten how to run a proper compass direction during the last winter, today I was saved from a huge miss on the first control when I accidentally stumbled over my 2nd!

#1: OK halfway but then I hit two ditches in the area where just one is mapped, this caused me to start looking for any alternate location I might be at and when I spotted the open hill in front of me I thought it was the one just north of the line so I veered south to find the saddle point. The saddle did not look anything like what I was expecting so I decided to keep going west and recover on the road, and that's when I hit my second control. Using this as the attack point I found the control reentrant after some searching along the hillside. I was just 66 s behind the best split here but I must have lost closer to1.5 min all together.

Running quickly back to #2 I got a clear split win, recovering a few seconds and 3 places.

I got stuck in the green towards #4 and hesitated into the control, checking another located near the south side of the circle. I lost half a minute to Arve Glittum, the eventual second place finisher.

Nearly perfect route to #5 with good execution, another split win.

I hesitated a little bit into #6m making sure I would drop into the correct reentrant.

Simplified #7 so that it was mostly transport, while avoiding the green, giving me yet another split win.

I should have approached #8 from the left side, along the hillside, since this would have been much safer, but I hit it perfectly, hiding behind a bush.

OK to #9

#10 is really strange, I have now looked at the available 1m LiDAR contours of the area and it seems like the map north of the road fails to show what it looks like in the forest. All the top 3 finishers lost around a minute on this short leg! When I decided that I had to keep north and found the opening shown between the cliffs, that turned out to be a really scary 8m downclimb with just a couple of trees to grab onto. With 20/20 hindsight I believe the fastest route might have been to go west on the road, then down the valley where I came up towards #12, but there is no easy way to read this from the map.

The hillside up to #11 was a lot steeper than shown on the map, it was probably faster to use the indistinct path up this part.

We got an amazingly long leg to #12, I linked together as many paths as possible but was still a few seconds behind both Arve and Nils Hæstad who won just like yesterday.

Good flow to #13, I didn't even slow down when I realized that the control was slightly misplaced on an unmapped cliff to the NE.

A final split win to the last control allowed me to pass Sixten Westlund and grab the third spot on the result list.
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Solrenningen - Norwegian Spring (15/04/2018) Solrenningen - Norwegian Spring (15/04/2018)