Vårspretten / Norwegian Spring (14/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Svinesund
Distance: 3.62 km
Time: 30:16
No flow today, very happy with a 2nd place finish after Nils E.

I ran well towards #1, just 2 seconds faster than Nils but we were 20 s faster than the rest of the field. I did not grok the contours as well as I would have liked and hesitated into the control.

Mostly direction running to #2, did not see either the cliff or the boulder but was caught by the cliff due south of the control: When I spotted this feature I recovered, turned left and found the flag 20 m away. 5-10 s.

Very easy to #3 but I still hesitated quite a bit, lost 10 s.

#4 was the first really stupid mistake: I got tired by the uphill running in slash and tried to avoid going over the top of the hill, when I spotted a control down to my left I forgot about the direction and wasted 30 s checking it.

I ran well to #5, but the control cliff is badly drawn, it was significantly further away from the gully I ran down than shown on the map.

I hesitated a lot into #6, I would have liked to see some more form lines in this area.

I tried to run on the contours to #7, forgot my compass and wasted 40-50 s.

OK to #8, very good to #9 (another split win), ok to #10 and 11.

#12 was my best control today, good flow and a clear win even though I started to get realy tired up the final hill.

I lost 20 s to Sixten to #13, that was far more than I would have expected, so it shows that I was running out of juice at this point.

Lost a few more seconds to #14 on pure running.

Going perfectly straight to #15 was risky but turned out OK.

I lost a few second to the last control by going down the cliff.

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Vårspretten / Norwegian Spring (14/04/2018) Vårspretten / Norwegian Spring (14/04/2018)