Ås by NIght & Fog Cup Finale (20/03/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Larkollen
Distance: 6.73 km
Time: 66:37
I went to the doctor in the morning, he diagnosed sinusitis and put me on a 10-day antibiotics treatment so I realized that I could not run this event competitively, instead I started 15 minutes before the normal start and ran/jogged/walked around the course:

The depth of the snow meant that I took the path as far as possible to #1, when I arrived there it still wasn't properly dark and I failed to spot the reflex marker from the other side of a bush, spent about a minute here.

Instead of retracing my steps to the path I tried to aim for the ride to the right, this was a bad mistake since the snow was really deep in the open areas. I bailed into the forest and hit the control perfectly.

My next control (#3) was the one due east, I followed the paths as much as possible.

Going NNW to #4 I tried the ride, this was heavy going since I had to break trail, but up on the hill I fond the flag where I expected it.

Good route back to the central control, reasonable snow depth in the forest and then I retraced my route between path and control. When I got there I met a couple of runners who had just arrived and who had the north loop as their first.

#6 was due north, I should probably have stayed alongside one of the ditches, on the west or east side since the small knolls had a lot of snow. I lost those two other runners here but saw them again at the control.

Good flow to #7

I missed the path bend (crosssed the ditch 20m too late) but found the central control nicely due to the tracks.

As I left the control towards #10 I noticed there was a guy following me, this was Jo Inge (the leader and very clear winner) who very quickly left me behind. I hesitated quite a bit just on the edge of the control circle.

I think my route to #10 was OK.

#11 was quite bad, as shown by the dark red spots along my track the field had deep snow cover and no tracks so I had to walk quite slowly in places. At the actual control I was fooled by another dot knoll on the north side of the circle since this one had a flag and reflex marker for a separate event in the same area.

I din't even hesitate when I saw two flags on the last control, I recognized those used by Ås and punched correctly.
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Ås by NIght & Fog Cup Finale (20/03/2018) Ås by NIght & Fog Cup Finale (20/03/2018)