Heming Ski-O (13/03/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Øvresetertjern
Distance: 5.76 km
Time: 34:31
First race on a busy Tuesday evening, the organizers allowed me to start early in order to allow me to also take part in a Ås by Night & Fog Cup race one hour later.

When starting my EMIT touch-free unit didn't get any signal at the start, it turned out that Lasse A had forgotten to start the punching units when he put them out, so I volunteered to do that while racing. This meant that I had to spend 10-15 seconds on each control location, holding down the start button until both the control and my EMIT unit started blinking, this definitely cost me the victory in the class!

I didn't really make any serious mistakes, by far the worst was on the last control where I knew that it had already been initialized before I got there so I tried to punch while sliding downhill past it, this didn't work and I fell over when trying to stop quickly. This fall turned out to be the difference between first and third place.

Since I started first I didn't want to make too many shortcuts for later starters, the most important ones were the route to #3 where I decided to go out on the main track and cut over, and then between #9 and #10:

As I was sliding down the hillside I kept looking right for a place where it would be OK to cut across, with a late start I could have done so much earlier than where I ended up now.
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Heming Ski-O (13/03/2018) Heming Ski-O (13/03/2018)