Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Canyon Cove, Phillipines
Distance: 1.09 km
Time: 10:15
This is my check run this morning for the sprint event I organized as part of the company gathering in the Philippines. I actually messed up the order of the controls, visiting 1-2-8-3-7-6 before I realized that I had to take them in the regular order.

The temperature was about 28 C both in the air and in the water (pool and ocean), the fastest team finished in 8:19 which was nearly two minutes faster than my own time speed-walking around the course.

In two more days I'm going home to Oslo where it is currently -3 and about half a meter more snow than when we left a week ago.
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Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018) Open iT Global Summit Sprint (20/01/2018)