Veritas Night (13/12/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kalvøya
Distance: 5.84 km
Time: 40:14
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 171
The last Veritas night race this year, about 5-10 cm snow cover with extremely hard and slippery ice underneath on some of the larger paths and tracks: Even with Oroc-280 I had absolutely no grip in the worst spots. We ran on two maps, with a flip after the first round.

OK to #1, then I stopped at #24 while looking for #2 but realized it from the contour details and ran on. OK to #3.

Towards #4 I looked for the indistinct path over the marsh but never saw where it started so I ran around instead.

I stopped again when I hit #19 but still got one of my best split times to #5.

I lost 40 sec to technical trouble to #6 (I ran with a borrowed headlamp since I forgot to bring my own), then I started orienteering towards #8 as I approached #7, turning back after I had seen the control. I lost 20-25 sec on this mistake.

OK to #8, too slow towards the very easy #9, then I got my only split win downhill to #10.

OK to #11, then I hit #24 while looking for #12 which cost me another 15-20 sec.

My route to #13 was probably sub-optimal, it could have been faster to go straight downhill and right on the road.

On the second loop I ran well to #15-20 before I ran through too much bush into #21.

#22-24 were OK but my route to #25 should have gone further right to avoid the green stripe areas which were really bad.

Total time loss (including the 40 sec technical issue) was less than 2 min.
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Veritas Night (13/12/2017) Veritas Night (13/12/2017)