Veritas Night (22/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Spira/Konglungen
Distance: 4.52 km
Time: 39:22
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 168
Tough race in 15-20 cm fresh heavy snow, and more snow/icy rain during the race itself.

The orienteering mostly consisted of finding the correct tracks to follow and to read the contours, because all paths were completely invisible.

I climbed up a bit too soon to #2, intending to contour but the hillside was too steep so I had to go over the top. 15 s?

Virgin route to #6, passed a couple of lamps here.

Lost about 3a minute due to stomach trouble between 8 & 9.

Another virgin route the first half to #11, to the field crossing, later I found a track which left the path too early on top of the hill. I believed that was the path on the map, but I recovered and went back and found the real junction. 15-30 s?

OK to the three last controls.
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Veritas Night (22/11/2017) Veritas Night (22/11/2017)