Veritas Night (15/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hvalstrand
Distance: 7.78 km
Time: 57:44
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 170
A very long night forest sprint in about 5 cm of day-old snow!

I made one serious error on #6 otherwise mostly OK:

Easy start to #1.

I intended to look for the indistinct path underneath the line to #2 but when I didn't spot it I just ran on and used the building to decide when to turn up the hillside.

Compass & contours to #3.

I intended to go a bit more direct to #4 but ran where the going was easiest.

Long leg consisting of 95% pure transport to #5, no other possible route choices.

#6 looked dead easy, just run along the endge of the hillside, but I managed to pass over the hanging knoll and lost at least 2 min here.

Good route to #7, I beat Eivind Hoff who ran left around the pond by 12 s.

My route over the top to #8 was probably too steep and a lot more difficult than to run all the way around to the left which is what Eivind did in order to catch up with me again. If I had managed to hit the control perfectly I might have gained 10s instead of dropping the same amount.

I considered going over the top to #9 but I would still have had to drop dwon to the level of the ponds so the flatter route was probably the best.

Easy setup to #10.

I lost a _lot_ of time to the fastest runners to #11, some of it due to the control being misplaced by about 30m, i.e. it was located just north of the control circle. The fastest route was probably to go west and hit the lower path, alternatively (for fit runners) just g straight over the top of the main hill.

Transport to #12 and #13. I lost about 20 seconds on #13 due to not seeing the control/reflex marker when I was just a couple of meters away, i.e. I walked right past it then had to backtrack to essentially the same spot.

#14 was the big route choice challenge of the race, partly due to the entire highway being marked as out-of-bounds: I am pretty sure I found the best alternative since I only lost half a minute to the fastest H21 runners here. I am guessing many tried the obvious route past the ponds, over the hills and between #5 & 6, and then the same ending I choose, but it was also possible to follow the bike path almost to #15 and then climb up the hillside past the passable cliff.

The last controls (15-18) were all OK, I was particularly happy with the way I hit #17 perfectly after taking the shortest but most difficult route choice.
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Veritas Night (15/11/2017) Veritas Night (15/11/2017)