Frostsprinten ("The Frost Sprint") (05/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brenninga
Organiser: Røyken O-lag
Distance: 4.65 km
Time: 36:06
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 166
Yes! This was a nice contrast to yesterday's disastrous run, I managed a pretty close to perfect race today, but both Trond Rønneberg and Jon Arvid Fossum matched my speed so I beat them due to better orienteering:

Won the first leg, pretty much as normal, but then I lost half a minute to Trond and Jon to the second control, possibly due to taking the safe & flat route to the right. According to the organizer, going straight is faster because the light green in the middle is very runnable.

EDIT: Livelox tracks show that everyone ran to the right like me, Trond beat me at the end of the leg due to better direction and no hesitation. (He did exactly the same to #4, but then he made a big route mistake to #6 which cast him the race.)

Another leg win to #3, on a dead easy route: Just follow the contour to the marsh, then climb up 2-3 meters and drop into the control reentrant, at this point I was 9 seconds behind Trond.

My only real mistake happened going into #4, where I read the dot knoll, contour and cliff as pointing in the opposite direction, so I stopped while trying to make the terrain match up to that faulty mental model. I lost about 20 s to Trond here but I caught up to Jon Arvid who had ended up at #5 instead of #4 and dropped 2 min.

I passed Jon out of #5 and grabbed the lead from Trond for good. For the rest of the course I was trying, unsuccessfully, to drop Jon Arvid. I punched every control first, but wasn't fast enough to get a proper gap.
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Frostsprinten ("The Frost Sprint") (05/11/2017) Frostsprinten ("The Frost Sprint") (05/11/2017)