Veritas Natt (25/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tanum Skole
Distance: 5.84 km
Time: 55:52
Lots of bad orienteering tonight but also some positive parts: (We ran on a hand-drawn course which had been color copied and then put in the wrong type of plastic bad so it was hard to read the map and almost impossible to decode the control descriptions.)

OK to #1, except that I spent too long searching up along the contour line for the small cliff.

Didn't see the first path down to #2 in the terrain.

OK to go all the way around to #3.

OK to 4-5-6

Misread the reentrant on #7 as a spur and searched around. 45+ s?

Stupid mistake to #8 where I should either have taken the path around #18 or stayed on top of the hill. Another minute lost.

OK to #9, then I didn't understand the paths into #10.

On #11 I lost 3:45 first searching for the control (which was badly misplaced to the NE, see my track) and then deciding that since I had started relatively early I should move it to the right spot.

OK to #12.

Towards #13 I couldn't see the indistinct path on the second half of the leg and then I made an additional mistake inside the circle.

On control #14 the contour drawing is quite bad, I have just made a new base map of the area based on modern LiDAR scanning and it is quite obvious that this map is using old style photogrammetry, with very significant absolute and relative errors.

The last controls, #15 to #20 were OK, but when running for the finish I managed to stay in the green for far too long. :-(
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Veritas Natt (25/10/2017) Veritas Natt (25/10/2017)