Re-run of H60 Middle course from VM in Rauland (09/10/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Rauland
Distance: 3.88 km
Time: 29:47
I could not take part in the Norwegian Veteran Champs this year but since I'm having fall break this week I decided to try the course I should have done back in August.

The weather was very nice, but also very cold, close to freezing so I needed woolen socks and a wool layer underneath my club jersey. I've checked the Livelox and splits from the event and it seems like I ran pretty much exactly as fast as Arve Glittum (1) and Sigurd Dæhli (2), at least to the point just before control #12 where my zero warm-up before the run caught up to me in the form of a sudden toilet stop.

My track does show that I missed #1 though: With no flags in the terrain I turned right towards #2 as soon as I had touched a nice (but unmapped) boulder, and this lead to a small time loss on #2 where I had to scan along the hillside to locate the cliff.

The rest was pretty much perfect until said toilet stop just before #12, and then when I started running again I left the control in the wrong direction and dropped 30 sec.

Since #3 was two minutes behind the leaders I should at least have been able to get a place on the podium. :-)
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Re-run of H60 Middle course from VM in Rauland (09/10/2017) Re-run of H60 Middle course from VM in Rauland (09/10/2017)