Harry Lagerts Bonusløp (04/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grinda, Korsvoll
Distance: 4.27 km
Time: 32:33
Pretty good even though I had to walk up several of the short steep hills.

I just followed the stream from the start and decided to join the leaders along the marsh instead of going over the hill after about 60%. If I had been alone I would have taken the route just left of #15 and the paths either north or south of #13: Except for the scramble down between the cliffs after #15 this route is both shorter and flatter as well as much drier.

OK to #2 & 3, but it might have been faster to go left to #3?

I'm very satisfied with the Pentagram forking, hit almost all the controls perfectly both times.

Control #14 was my big mistake of the night, there was a lot of logging residue in the marsh and some dense vegetation hid the cliff, I lost 30 sec here according to the GPS. I also got passed by 3 other runners who must have been ~15 seconds behind me into the control area.

I ran a better route to #15 and caught up with them there, managed to beat two of them to the finish.
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Harry Lagerts Bonusløp (04/10/2017) Harry Lagerts Bonusløp (04/10/2017)