Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (20/09/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulsrudvann
Distance: 4.86 km
Time: 40:52
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 172
Good concentration to the first 3 controls but then on the path running to #4 I started to notice that I have been ill with a cold for a couple of weeks, and I made a totally stupid wobble on #4. I estimated about 45 s while out there and the splits seem to corroborate this.

OK to #5 but according to my GPS the boulder was located a bit too far north. I don't think this could have bothered anyone though.

I left #5 thinking I was on #6 so I ran straight north first, realized it and corrected but this meant that I wasn't quite sure where I was when I approached the control, lost 20-30 s.

OK to #7, but I didn't know exactly where I was until I spotted the huge boulder just north of where I had passed towards #2.

OK to #8, lost 5+ seconds when I had problems climbing up on the knoll.

When I passed the first path towards #9 I thought I was a bit further west and that this was the indistinct path, so I contoured around until I hit the power line path. Lost about 45 s.

Towards #10 I never saw the first two paths to the north so I ended up further west than planned and couldn't get anything to match up properly. Lost over a minute here.

I had problems reading the map properly to #11 and when I hit the distinctive cliffs just on the edge of the circle and ran south I failed to spot the knoll and started to climb up the hill instead. Lost another 45 s.

My final mistake occurred when running in a larger group to the last control and didn't see that by going all the way into the bottom of the green valley I would have found a path up the hill to the boulder. Now I lost a final 20 s here for a total time loss that must have been over 4 min! :-(
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Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (20/09/2017) Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (20/09/2017)