Heming Club Championship H60 (19/09/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Frognerseteren
Distance: 4.14 km
Time: 31:04
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 167
Heming very graciously allowed me to run the H60 course for their club championship, I did this before the mass start for the club members so I could check that everything was OK.

Less than halfway up the hill to the first control it became obvious that my two weeks of forced rest due to a cold had significantly reduced my running shape. As I got higher up on the final path it turned out tha the entire hillside had been logged, not just the area shown with green stripes.

Just running along the marsh and the path to get to #2.

Pretty good execution of the butterfly except when leaving #7 where som windfall pressed out of course initially.

The return trip down the hill was pretty easy mostly ski track or path running.

When I reached the end all the Heming runners were lined up for the mass start and the finish line was located in the middle of the yellow triangle, so this lead me up on the wrong hill for the last control which of course wasn't there but I guessed they had intentionally waited to hang it out until everyone had started. :-)

I did go back out to the proper spot before my final time was downloaded, as the gps track shows this cost me 30-40 seconds which was the only real mistake today.
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Heming Club Championship H60 (19/09/2017) Heming Club Championship H60 (19/09/2017)