OBIK P25 / AB 5 (05/09/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dæliskogen
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 3.55 km
Time: 32:33
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 167
Mostly OK but the rain made both the slabs of bare rock (on the ridge-top paths) and the muddy hillsides extremely slippery so my speed suffered a bit due to this.

I had mostly OK routes and execution, hesitated a bit on #4 which seemed to be located a bit too far south, but that might have been due to changes in the path system since the map was new.

EDIT: I have downloaded the public LiDAR available and generated my own map, and that showed that the knoll & depression was clearly mismapped, in reality the control was located 18 m further south.

From this point on I believe I had optimal routes to the rest of the controls, possibly excepting the last where it might have been just as fast to run in the forest to the west of the big building.
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OBIK P25 / AB 5 (05/09/2017) OBIK P25 / AB 5 (05/09/2017)