Euromeeting Public Race H50 (02/09/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fjell Skytebane
Organiser: Moss
Distance: 6.22 km
Time: 51:50
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 168
We ran the same course as the women pursuit race, but with the B forking, i.e. opposite to the order shown on this map.

Since I was going to run this course I avoided looking at the female tracking but from the disaster to the first control I probably should have done so: I lost 3:33 to the eventual winner here, 10 seconds more than the final difference!

#1: The 1:10K scale map was at least partly to blame for me not seeing the paths (mistaking them for more cliffs and v.v.), I should have followed that first path instead of slogging through the wet marshland in the narrow gully, and at the point where I got back to the path I should instead have gone west and over to the paths leading almost to the control. As soon as I understood I was getting close to the houses I cut over but then I was going to contour around the rocky terrain and ended up almsot 100 m too far south instead of finding the path across. The last mistake was probably at least a minute.

#2 was transport, then I had to the best split to #3 so my route must have been OK.

In the butterfly I had the second loop first, ran OK here with mostly top 3 splits.

I had perfect control towards #13, spotted the boulder just after passing the path, but then I failed to see the flag and really didn't like the contour drawing! The control area was almost flat even though the contours shows an obvious north-south gully just south of it. I lost at least a minute here.

I missed half a minute on #15 mostly due to the map scale, i.e. I failed to read/understand the map.

Anger from this caused my third and lastsplit win to #16.

My final mistake was to #19, once again caused by not being able to read the map. About 30 s.

It was still a fun race but it would have been a lot more fun if I could have done it using a 1:7500 (or even 1:5000) scale print!
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Euromeeting Public Race H50 (02/09/2017) Euromeeting Public Race H50 (02/09/2017)