OBIK P24 / NK 6 (31/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Setertjern
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 4.38 km
Time: 34:11
One stupid mistake and a partly boring course:

The first control was actually quite nice, with three main route choices, all of them probably quite similar in time, but the straight on option I chose was in order to get maximum orienteering.

To #2 I started out slightly too far left, then when I passed the path I immediately passed a second path. This was in reality an extension of the one shown on the map but it made me assume that I was a bit too far right instead and then I veered off and up on the wrong knoll.

I lost about 1.5 minutes here.

The next controls, 3 to 7, were all quite obvious, except that #7 was probably misplaced about 10 m: It was located up on the shelf south of the reentrant with the marsh where it should have been.

#8 was the big route choice leg, but with the size of the hill and the extra climb needed to take the paths over the top, it just had to be faster to run around to the north!

With the rainy weather I discussed with myself how I should do the last half: The rute I eventually chose because it was the shortest, north of Setertjern and the path up to the control, or leave the path by the digit '4' and cut across to the road for a drier running surface.

I don't know yet what was fastest, maybe comparing GPS tracks on Livelox will tell! EDIT: Livelox is up and it is obvious that KnutE who won H55 and the course gained at least a minute on me by first taking the road around the first wet path shortcut, and then going north of Setertjern and up along the paths.

#9 was probably also misplaced, about one contour too low, but the logging activity made it very hard to go straight towards the center of the control circle.

My route to #10 was quite bad, it must have been much faster to take a right hand turn onto the first path and follow that to the ski track where it seemed like there must have been a continuous path to the control.
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OBIK P24 / NK 6 (31/08/2017) OBIK P24 / NK 6 (31/08/2017)