OBIK P23 / AB 4 (29/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 4.73 km
Time: 42:09
A mostly positive experience: I was very tired all day due the county championships in the weekend and then the climbing before the bike ride/hike to KP 29 yesterday, but as I started running I felt better than I had all day and the controls mostly turned up where I expected.

I lost 30-40 s on #2 when I started out from #1 as if I was on #2, realized it in the first steep hill and then overcorrected so that I ended up too far west and took too long to recover.

I considered taking the right-hand path from the junction up towards #3 but expected that the control would be easier to locate if I arrived up along the indistinct marsh stripes.

#4 was my best control, I found the optimal route which was almost completely flat and still passed several safe checkpoints on the way, i.e. underneath the first knolls, up to the path bend, then the marshes and small knolls that lead to the start of the light green reentrant leading down to the marsh. As I got close to the bottom and spotted the marsh I just contoured into the control.

#5 was a disaster! I took the perfect route according to the map, but new windfalls in the steepest part forced me to (rock) climb down several small cliffs and when I got all the way down and wanted to check the map I discovered that I had lost it! Luckily a lady I spotted above saw my map when I asked her, she was kind enough to bring it down to me but I still lost 3 min(!) here.

I took the obvious route to #6, fast & very safe, and then I turned around 180 degrees since that was the best route to #7.

I made a small left-hand detour towards #8 due to increased vegetation east of the vegetation boundary shown on the map.

Even with the 3 minutes additional time loss I still won the course by over 9 minutes.
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OBIK P23 / AB 4 (29/08/2017) OBIK P23 / AB 4 (29/08/2017)