Kjentmannspost 29 (28/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Maridalen
Distance: 6.34 km
Time: 95:53
14 people this time for a bike/hike to Kjentmannspost 29 on Gørjehøgda north of Liggeren farm.

We started just after 17:00 from Hammeren parking at the NW end of Maridalsvannet, riding our MTBs uphill towards lake Rottungen where a few of us a short swim in the lake, before riding the rest of the way to the old Liggeren homestead where we had our dinner break.

Afterwards we hiked the 150 m of elevation to the top of Gørjehøgda and the control site, and then back down again to our bikes. It is a nice indication of the level of trust we have that those 14 MTBs and most of our backpacks with the rest of our gear was just left unlocked and unattended by the farm buildings while we did this. (Nothing had gone missing of course!)

We made a round trip via Tømte/Movatn/Sandermosen to get back to our starting point, finishing after 3:20 and 30 km total bike+hike distance.
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Kjentmannspost 29 (28/08/2017) Kjentmannspost 29 (28/08/2017)