Picking up the controls (22/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Krokhol, Enebakk
Distance: 9.12 km
Time: 105:19
The end of a long day: I had stated very clearly in the invitation and PM that everyone had to be back by 19:30, but at that point I was still missing 5 runners. 4 of them turned up over the next 10 min while the last guy came just as I had decided to leave without him after leaving a note on my car. With a 20 min delay before I could start this meant that it got _very_ dark on the last 5-6 controls, but since I had the map on my cell phone I could still read it without having to put on the headlamp I had brought along.

I started with the first two N (beginner) controls, then cut back to 108, the first control for the Mellom (Medium) and Kort (Short) course. From there I ran to 112 which was the second control for the same two courses and then 101, the first Lang (Long) control.

From 101 to 102 was the second leg of the L course, with many possible route choices, this was in fact the first leg I planned for this event! So far none of the runners I have seen with LiveLox tracks have used the route I took here, i.e. using the path for a long left-hand swing which avoids all the heather and blueberry.

After 103 I had to do a lot of climbing diagonally across the north-south running hills in order to locate all the controls, but the terrain is still very nice with no logging scars, just old spruce and pine forest.

I got back to my car at 21:35 at which point it was very dark indeed.
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Picking up the controls (22/08/2017) Picking up the controls (22/08/2017)