OBIK P20 (17/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulsrudvann
Distance: 4.69 km
Time: 36:14
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 170
Fun race, won my class clearly but too many small mistakes to win the course:

OK to #1, on #2 I jumped down an unmapped cliff at the north end of the long knoll that ends inside the circle, without noticing the flag which was slightly mis-placed less than 5 m away: It should have been a bit further NW in order to be inside the reentrant. I lost nearly a minute here.

On #3 I stood still for 10-15 s before I realized that the flag had to be hid on the back side of the boulder I was looking at, this should have been obvious since the control description clearly stated that it was on the east side.

#4 was just a bad route, I should have gone straight/slightly right. Lost another 30 s, so at this point I was a minute behind Per Kr Ekeberg who ended up in second place in my class, and even more behind Knut E Helland who won H55 and the course.

#5 was OK except for 5 s hesitation just before the cliff when I didn't spot the flag as early as expected.

#6 was my second course split win even though I almost started up the wrong path from the road.

Ok to #7

Failed to read the decription again on #8, so I searched a bit underneath the cliff when the control was located by the knoll above. 15-20 s.

Same error on #9, but here I thought I was looking for a reentrant pointing south when in reality the control was on the back side of the spur pointing north! 30 s.

OK to #10 and #11.

Followed the path a little bit too far on #12 so I had to backtrack 20-30 m to the flag. 10-15s

Very good to #13 & 14, gained back most of what I was behind Knut.

Hesitated too much looking for good micro-routes to the finish.
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OBIK P20 (17/08/2017) OBIK P20 (17/08/2017)