Summer training (06/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Asmaløy
Organiser: Hans Petter Mathisen
Distance: 4.38 km
Time: 43:36
I'm extremely embarrassed by my running here! This is my own map which I've worked on during weekends and vacations for the last 5-6 years so I believed I knew the area well enough to just run through Hans Petter's course:

Not so! I started by not spotting the possibly undersized cliff on #1, but then I ran OK to #2.

To #3 I failed to spot the path when I crossed it and that lead to another stupid time loss. Maybe the path should be reclassified as indistinct?

OK to the next controls, i.e. 4-9. On #8 I stopped because my son who ran with me stepped into a moss-covered hole and hurt his foot. He decided to walk back to the car here.

#9 was OK but then I made a really stupid parallel mistake down to #10, believing I was on the bare rock under the line when I was 50 m further south.

OK route to #11 but I need to do some more surveying here, there are several unmapped cliffs in the area.

Very easy setup to #12, then a nice leg towards #13 where I did some additional map checking in the control area.

At this point it had started to rain heavily so I went straight back to the car, even though HP's original course had two more controls between 13 & 14, located 300+ m further west.
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Summer training (06/08/2017) Summer training (06/08/2017)