Sørlandsgaloppen 2 H60 (07/07/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eikedalsmarka
Organiser: Larvik OK
Distance: 4.98 km
Time: 42:18
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 174
As the time splits show clearly this was a race that I should have won, but managed to squander due to a couple of bad mistakes on control 8:

Very good start, lead the race from the start until control 7 even if Arve halved the difference between us from 1 to 7.

On #8 the plan was of course to take the indistinct paths but they were extremely hard to spot (I had already crossed a regular path just after #4). This was at least partly because I had asked to start more than an hour before everyone else, so there were no tracks from other runners and the brown leaves from last fall covered everything.

Having lost the path system to #8 I decided on plan B, i.e. use my compass and that worked quite well: The gps track shows that I had lost less than 30 sec to the best split when I hit the control. Here is where I made the second and worst mistake: I saw that this was a drinks control and it seemed to be located underneath a cliff, while my control was a flat reentrant, and I had overlooked the bucket symbol. At the same time there was a trace of a path there so I assumed that this was the cliff about 80m SW and started searching for my flag based on this. I lost 4 minutes in total on this error, at least 3:30 of this was after I first found the control.

I ran well to #9, 10, 11 & 12, with clear splits win on two of them and second place a few seconds behind on the other pair. At the same time it was obvious that later starters would have a big advantage crossing the logging area into and out of #10.

Leaving #12 I got stuck in the green and then I overshot the control as well, these controls would also become much quicker with some runner trails through them.

It was a happy surprise when I saw that I still got a 3rd place finish today, just 2.5 minutes behind Arve.
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Sørlandsgaloppen 2 H60 (07/07/2017) Sørlandsgaloppen 2 H60 (07/07/2017)