ROC4 H55 (25/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Distance: 3.87 km
Time: 30:00
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 176
Close to perfect, but both my running and orienteering speed suffered in the heavy rain we had today: I ran with spiked Inov-8 OROC 280 and a single +3.5 contact lens on my right eye.

1: I actually stopped completely for a couple of seconds when I hit the start triangle. I had turned my map upside down and wanted to run west instead of east but realized it before I started running again. I took the roads to the boulder and a compass direction from that point.

2-3: Transport

4: I followed the rides into the logged area, from that point it was easy to spot the shelf which the cliff had to be in front of.

5: The marsh was so wet that I had to walk up the entire hillside afterwards, the control was very easy to spot from my direction.

6: Direction down to another wet marsh, then contours into the control.

7: Ran fast along the ridge then dropped down into the control.

8: I aimed for the best spot to climb up the little hillside then used the contours to verify my direction.

9: Mostly transport

10: My worst mistake: The ride I ran south from the big track was so big that I though it had to be the path 60 m further east. This meant that I climbed up just west of the dense green vegetation which was probably much easier than to go straight into the control.

11: Good direction.

12: Direction to the old logging area.

13: The boulder field 60 m before the control was a perfect attack point.

14: I aimed for the bridge across the creek (this was shown as a suggested passage on my race map), then ran over the knoll and into the marsh.

15: Direction running using the contours.

16: Tiny left bend at the end since there was a big track here from previous runners.

The final result was pretty good, second place behind local runner Sten Gustafsson, the same guy I barely beat on Sunday. :-)
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ROC4 H55 (25/08/2016) ROC4 H55 (25/08/2016)