Skjærgårdscup 2 (14/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sildevika
Organiser: Egil Iversen
Distance: 4.18 km
Time: 33:28
Second social O+BBQ gathering:

1) Full control up the hillside full of cliffs until I entered the control circle, then I drifted off to the left. Recovered relatively quickly, time loss about 30 sec.

2) This part of the map/terrain acts like a strange attractor that sends me off course. I've passed through the area once before, got lost that time as well. Today I lost exactly 2 minutes to Tore S.

3) Tried to follow the ridge lines ssw but didn't find the best route, then I made an unnecessary bend inside the control circle.

4) The plan was to go slightly right in order to pass through the set of saddle points but when I found a deer trail I followed that as long as it went in the right direction.

5) OK

6) I followed the paths as much as possible, the path on the second half of the leg hasn't been properly surveyed, i.e. my track log shown here is probably closer to the real location.

7) The track crossed the stream/narrow marsh a bit further north than shown on the map, so everyone who took this route choice had to turn south at the end of the leg.

8) Just followed the terrain until the control surprised me, the track log shows that it was located at the south end of the circle, but so visible that nobody actually missed it.

We finished the evening with the traditional BBQ party on Egil's dock: Nice weather, great view over the small Skjebergkilen fjord.
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Skjærgårdscup 2 (14/07/2015) Skjærgårdscup 2 (14/07/2015)